"turn-key ready" for 2 weeks
and a legal guarantee
With a monthly result
10 000 $ in 6 months
Level UP Onlinethe project to creating online-schools "turn-key ready"

We help entrepreneurs and experts to design, produce, promote and develop highly competitive educational projects. Our total of more than 15 years of experience in marketing, creativity, design, sales, advertising, IT/Digital-technologies can help you for the implementation of the most effective and interesting schools.
There you have it!
Level Up - your own team to launch an effective online school
With us You will be able to make the first launch in 2 weeks from the beginning of the project
We'll explain what's best to start with and help you create one or more information products
You want a superb product
Fast start
Ready team
Why us?
We are happy to share our experience based on knowledge of trends in information business and online sales
We do technical, information and marketing support 24/7 Russia and around the world
We offer fixed prices for all our services
to success online-school
Online school creation is a step-by-step process, where are all the elements interconnected.That's what we do, producing a school for you
Creation of all digital resources necessary for school functioning and their integration with each other
Web & Digital [Packing 3.0]
Launch: Testing
Development of lead magnet
Preparation of heating letters
Setting up targeted ads
Social media groups creation
The posting of information in groups
Drawing up a sales funnel
Startup and Analytics
Setting up online marketing and media tools
Landing page
Setting up the learning platform and integration with third-party services
Service integration
Apps application
Creation of photographic materials
The creation of image videos
Viral video
Course production
Website, web-platform, app
Primary demand testing
Settings and configure all of the sales tools
We create the concept of development of school, proceeding from the purposes of business. The company's strategy is based on market advantages and growth points
Product [Packing 1.0]
Branding [Packing 2.0]
The communication platform of the brand
Naming: brand name, product names, motto
Logo and identity symbol
Corporate identity (documentation, social networks, mailing)
Visual identification concept
Market analyst
Target audience research
Niche testing
Postponement from competitors (USP)
Offer development
Creating a webinar on the selling structure
Сoncept and marketing strategy
An important component of a highly competitive product is a premium level of design: aesthetic beauty, clarity and presentable communications, ergonomics of all services (user-friendly usability) increases loyalty to the brand and brand products
Setting up all sales and hiring tools is an important part of the company's growth. We help to create requirements for new specialists and create a team;Implement practices that develop
the existing team
Sales Departament
Powerful promotion
Development of promotion and PR strategy Creative advertising campaign
Media plan
PR plan
Automatic flow cups
Image advertising
Promotion in social networks
Promotion on Youtube

Online and offline advertising and PR campaigns
Sales Manager training course
Integration and configuration of client services Payment services Scripts
The Introduction Of Agile and Scrum
CRM, PayPal, Scrum, Agile
Development of a promotion strategy consisting of an advertising campaign and PR is an important part of bringing the product to the market.
To start, we create a catchy story and a set of communications
We take care of the creation of new products and business processes, planning, study of the company's expenses, ways of motivating the team, documentation and other important aspects of the company's work
Support and Development
Project management
The holding of PR-companies
New product development
Special events
Project management, support and product management
We guarantee technical support 24/7
What you get
Ready-made online business
Сlear structure
Our goal is to help your business, your customers and partners. We will help you to analyze the past stages and predict the future, to understand your place in the world and in the market.
You save time and money
We create a ready-made online business school for you, including: marketing plan, brand, configuration of all digital tools, customized sales Department and monthly support. You do not spend time on the operating system, focusing on product development.
We help you get the most out of your business. We develop a promotion strategy and implement marketing solutions so that Your school can become №1 in its niche.
Our prices
Any tariff is adjusted individually
The best way to try yourself in practice is to make the first webinar: it will allow you to understand many nuances before launching. Pilot version
1500 $
3000 $
This is an option for a clear start and get the first sales. Product development, branding and the first run of the course.
The most popular option

from 3500 $
This option is suitable for existing schools, for scaling or product development or rebranding.
Suitable for those who have a school
from 15 000 $
Level: Test
Level: Startup
Level: Profi
Level: Guru
The best way to minimize risks is by running all the necessary tools at once. All communication.
To those, who want to be №1!
Each of the cases contains the main landing page, as well as quizzes and landing pages of flow cups
Our team
We put key skills together to launch powerful schools
  • Aznaur Alipashaev
    Co-founder / CEO, marketer, producer
    • Graduate of ACCEL Accelerator Online Schools
    • Co-owner of ARTME online school
    • Owner and founder of the online school of bas-relief "Barlion"
    • Group coach at ACCEL
    An active entrepreneur since 2012
  • Anastasia Konovalchuk
    Co-founder / Creative Director, designer, marketer, producer
    • Owner of creative Agency "IZUMI Design Communications
    • Founder/Owner/Managing partner of ARTME online school
    • City Business School /MBA/
    • British Higher School of Art & Design /Visual communications/
    • MGTU them. Kosygina /artist-ornamentologist/
    • Business-Molodost "Tcech"
    • The representative of Business-Molodost in England
    An active entrepreneur since 2002

  • Maria Kirdishkina
    Head of Sales, marketer
    • SFU, international management
    • The owner of the beauty salon MV, Krasnoyarsk
    • Coordinator, management experience over 6 years
    • LIKE Center: business course "Valley", "Army", twice the top leader of the course " Concentrate"
    • Leroy Merlin East "(Customer service, staff management from 80 people.)
    • Trainings "99 degrees Fahrenheit" for management, communications, decisions, etc.

    An active entrepreneur in 2017
  • Yulia Lopatina
    Technical Director
    • Management in medical institutions
    • Internet project management
    • CNMU them. S. D. Asfendiyarov
    • SYNERGY University of Moscow
    • Head of the network of pharmacies Aktau
  • Nickolay Skaredin
    • Economist, marketer
    • Eastern Institute of Economics, Humanities, management and law
    • Business-Molodost "Tcech"
    • Owner of an advertising production company is. Magadan
    An active entrepreneur since 2012
  • Evgeniy Kuzmin
    Agile Coach, Scrum master
    • Moscow technical University of communications and Informatics
    • MTUSI graduate school
    • International Coaching Union.
    • ICU an Executive coach, business coach, agile coach, scrum master
    • Entrepreneur, co-founder of several companies; owner of PRO-Agile company
    An active entrepreneur since 2010
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